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The vagina can enlarge for many reasons. Some of these are normal vaginal delivery, excessive sexual intercourse, obesity, smoking, advanced age menopause, genetic and hormonal causes. The enlargement of the vaginal canal most frequently causes a feeling of inadequacy in sexual intercourse and causes loss of self-confidence. The underlying problem is the loosening of the connective tissue under the vaginal mucosa due to external factors and age.

How is Laser Vagina Reduction Applied?

Vaginal enlargement can now be treated effectively and in a short time, without the need for surgery, with the latest technology IntimaLase treatment. This new form of treatment is performed using Er:YAG Fractional laser technology. It is extremely safe and the risk of side effects is very low compared to other technologies.

IntimaLase treatment triggers collagen synthesis in the loosened connective tissue under the vaginal mucosa tissue with the photothermal effect of laser beams, causing narrowing and regeneration in the vaginal canal.

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