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The clitoris is a sexual organ located at the upper junction of the labia minora, which is erectile (swelling, growth and stretching) during sexual intercourse in women. The function of the clitoris is to ensure that the woman has an orgasm during sexual intercourse. On the clitoris there is a piece of skin called the clitoralhood that covers the organ. This piece of skin is genetic, pregnancy, age, external factors, etc. Because of this, it grows over time, sags and creates an unaesthetic appearance.

How is Clitoris Aesthetics Applied?

Repair of the clitoral hood facilitates orgasm during sexual intercourse and creates a smooth appearance in the genital area. Thus, the self-confidence of the woman increases.

The operation is short-lived and the excess skin fold on the sagging and enlarged clitoris is removed in accordance with surgical procedures. When the doctor's recommendations are followed, the healing is optimal and in a short time.

Clitoral hood correction operation can be combined with other operations (labiaplasty, hymenoplasty, vaginal tightening).

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