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Laser genital bleaching is among the most frequently preferred applications in recent years. Advances in laser technology have increased the effectiveness of laser in many skin diseases and cosmetics. Laser treatments, which are very effective in reducing skin blemishes and skin abrasion, have been widely used in recent years to whiten the skin.

What İs Laser Genital Area Whitening?

Beauty is very important today, especially for women, as it is in every period. Aesthetic procedures that can be applied in almost every part of the body thanks to technological possibilities; In recent years, it has also been used in the genital area.

Darkening in the genital area; In addition to psychological problems, it can also cause difficulties in choosing clothes. The reasons for the darkening in the region can be listed as follows;

  • Advanced age
  • Genetic factors

Excessive secretion of the hormone melatonin

  • Genital infections
  • Overweight
  • Use of synthetic underwear
  • Birth
  • Hot chemical hair removers (waxing)
  • Laser applications for epilation purposes

Inner lips, outer lips and vaginal entrance in the genital area can also be whitened with laser bleaching procedures. In these procedures, called cosmetic gynecology, carbon dioxide laser or erbium fat laser is generally used.

What Are The Prices Of Laser Genital Whitening?

Many different laser devices are used in genital cosmetics, so laser genital whitening prices vary. In addition, vaginal whitening prices vary according to the area where the whitening process will be applied.

Istanbul Laser genital whitening

Istanbul is a city where genital bleaching process is applied very intensively. After this procedure, one should not be exposed to the sun's rays directly and at the same time, one should not enter the solarium for a while. Along with the laser genital area bleaching process, other genital aesthetic applications can also be applied. Applications; The decision is made after a detailed examination process.

The genital area, which we call the bikini area, undergoes color changes due to many reasons. Color changes from dark brown to black can be seen. Similarly, the same color changes are seen in the armpit area.

Waxing, pregnancy, birth control pills, hormonal irregularities, advanced age and some skin diseases can be counted among the causes of undesirable color changes in these areas.

Pigment lightening laser treatments are now available to remove this aesthetically undesirable discoloration and to regenerate the old skin color. The treatment method, which is based on the breakdown of melanin, which causes a pigmented lesion in the upper layer of the skin, with Er:YAG Fractional laser is extremely practical, painless, comfortable and satisfying. With an average of 2 sessions, you can quickly get rid of this non-aesthetic problem.

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