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Istanbul Genital area whitening application; It is applied in case of darkening of the genital area. Darkening is experienced in the genital area due to use of wrong cosmetic products, use of razors, hormonal factors, use of wrong underwear and genetic factors. The aesthetic and cosmetic condition of the genital area is very important in women's life, and the rate of applying to laser genital bleaching applications is quite high in recent years.

Istanbul Genital area whitening is applied with laser. Laser technology is a tool that is widely used in health and aesthetic fields and offers a reliable and comfortable treatment process. There are products on the market that prevent or eliminate the darkening of the genital area, which many people complain about. However, it should not be forgotten that each person's skin structure and needs are different, and it should not be forgotten that a specialist doctor should be consulted.

What is Laser Genital Area Whitening?

Genital area whitening with laser; It is a treatment method applied to remove color changes and darkening in the region. With this process, which takes about 30 minutes, the darkening on the skin surface can be removed. Laser technology used in many fields today; It is also frequently used in the fields of aesthetics and cosmetics. Laser genital area whitening laser price; The duration and number of sessions, whether an additional procedure will be performed or not, may vary according to the experience of the doctor who will apply it. Laser genital area whitening price can also be determined according to the type of anesthesia.

Those who have had genital area bleaching with laser can return to work immediately; Hospitalization is not required. At the same time, the doctor should not interrupt the controls and should not go beyond the doctor's recommendations.

What are the harms of genital area whitening laser?

  • Color change
  • Wound opening
  • Bleeding
  • Infection

Istanbul Laser Genital Area Whitening Doctor

Istanbul is very rich in terms of laser genital area whitening doctor. A doctor with expertise and experience in the field should be consulted. Otherwise, some complications may occur and permanent scars may occur. Many women are hesitant to share the problem in question and to consult a doctor. However, the causes of darkening should be evaluated and the appropriate dose of laser should be used. Laser for genital area whitening application; It is adjusted and applied in a patient-specific way.

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